From 8:30Presentation and issue of starting numbers
10:00Start Marathon
10:15Departure bus from the square in Brumov-Bylnice to the start of the half marathon
11:30Start Half Marathon from Nemšová
12:30Start Ten
From about 12:40Time of the first competitors
14:30Start Preparatory schoolboys / schoolgirls 0,5 km (lower end of the square)
14:40Start Younger boys / girls 1,0 km (lower end of the square)
15:00Start Older boys / girls 1,5 km (lower end of the square)
15:20Start of the Family Non-Competitive Run
 From 15:30Announcement of results
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By chip technology, the time is measured from the starting shot (i.e. gun time) and the results list will be compiled according to this time.
The results will be posted in the finish area and on the website after the finish.


  • The top three in the student categories will be announced and they will receive prizes.
  • In the marathon course race, the top three male and three female overall finishers will be announced on the podium and will receive in-kind prizes. The category standings will also be listed on the results sheet but will not be announced.
  • In the half marathon race, the top three men and three overall will be announced on the podium and will receive prizes. The category standings will also be listed on the results sheet, but will not be announced.
  • In the 10K race, the top three men and three of the overall standings will be announced on the podium and will receive prizes. The category standings will also be listed on the results sheet but will not be announced.
  • Each runner in the student categories and each participant in the Family Non-Competitive Run will receive a medal and a small prize from the race partners at the finish line.
  • Each participant in the main races will receive a commemorative medal at the finish line.


There will be four refreshment stations along the route with water, ionic drinks and small snacks to replenish energy (bananas, raisins, muesli bars, etc.). On the marathon route, each refreshment station will be available twice (so there will be 8 refreshment stations in total), On the 10K route there will be one refreshment station.
There will be drinks and something sweet at the finish line to replenish energy immediately after the run.
Additional food and drinks will be available for purchase at stalls and restaurants located at the event site.


For runners on the half marathon route, a mass bus transport from Brumov-Bylnice to the start in Nemšová will be provided. This transport is free of charge, but it must be confirmed during registration. The bus will arrive at the square in Bumov-Bylnice about 15 mi after the start of the marathon. It is necessary that when boarding the bus all participants already have their bib numbers with chips.
Cars can be parked in the car parks around the start. Please note that on the day of the event it will not be possible to park on Hilda Synková Street.
Accommodation is not provided by the organiser but can be found on the website

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  • On the day of the race for pre-registered and incoming riders on all routes. The presentation ends about 30 minutes before the start of the respective run or the departure of the bus to Nemšová. Please do not postpone the check-in at the last minute, so as not to form queues and to catch the start.

For the half-marathon route, a limited number of pre-registered runners with paid entry fees will be allowed to receive their bibs at the start. Numbers will be issued from approx. 10:45 a.m. This is only an emergency option for Slovak participants who do not have to travel to Brumov-Bylnice in the morning.

  • The consent of the legal guardian must be provided for minor participants.
  • Each participant will receive a starting number with a built-in measuring chip. The number with the chip must be pinned visibly on the chest, without the chip the competitor will not be timed. The number is non-refundable and remains with the participant after the race.

An exception is the Family Non-Competitive Run, where participants will only receive starting numbers without chips and will not be timed.

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It will be possible to store a backpack with personal belongings (but not valuables) at the venue in Brumov-Bylnice.
At the start in Nemšová it will be possible to put the backpack in a prepared van and the belongings will be transported to the finish in Brumov-Bylnice. Items will be returned upon presentation of the starting number. The organizer is not responsible for the items left in the storage room.
Please keep in mind that the race takes place in the city centre, and please use only the public toilet on Podzámčí Street (about 200 m from the start).


There will be a bouncy castle, an accompanying children’s programme and refreshment stands at the venue.
DJ will be playing in the starting area from about 10 am.
The ruins of Brumov Castle will be accessible
The Municipal Museum will be open with an exhibition of historical irons