In advance by Wednesday, October 12 at (preferred)
On the day of the race until the capacity of starting numbers for individual runs is exhausted. Please note that it will no longer be possible to register at the start of the half marathon in Nemšová.


Family non-competitive runwithout restrictions2x around the square about 500 m
Preparation of pupilsyear 2011 and younger0,5 km
Younger pupilsyear 2009-20101,0 km
Older pupilsyear 2007-20081,5 km
Juniors / Juniorsyear 2005-2006Only ten
Juniors / Juniorsyear 2003-2004Only ten of half mararhon
Men/women up to 39 yearsyear 1983-2002Ten, half marathon and marathon
Men/women 40-49 yearsyear 1973-1982Ten, half marathon and marathon
Men/women 50-59 yearsyear 1963-1972Ten, half marathon and marathon
Men/women 60 and olderyear 1962 and olderTen, half marathon and marathon

The year of birth determines the inclusion in the category

In case of a small number of starters in a category, the organizer reserves the right to merge them with a younger category.


 Advance registration until Sunday 9.10.2022Registration after 9.10. or on site
Family non-competitive runfreefree
Pupil categoriesfreefree
Ten250 CZK
10 EUR
400 CZK
16 EUR
Half marathon and marathon400 CZK
16 EUR
800 CZK
32 EUR

The organizer reserves the right to reduce or waive the entry fee for selected participants.